Otterbein Senior Lifestyle Choices COVID-19

If you’re preparing a move to an independent living area, you might be asking yourself if now is a good time.

It’s always a great time to transfer to a elderly living community. Many Otterbein citizens have shared just how delighted they are to reside in our communities throughout these unclear times.

Although the world we reside in has actually definitely transformed in 2020, moves to Otterbein SeniorLife are still taking place often, as well as we have established methods to keep you and any person assisting you relocate securely. Continue reading for tips on preparing, packaging, and also what to do on the special day.

Can I Still Move During COVID-19? 

Yes! Moving during Otterbein Senior Lifestyle Choices COVID-19 is certainly still feasible. You’ll just need to comply with some security precautions – like putting on a mask as well as limiting the number of individuals helping with the action. At Otterbein, we additionally evaluate any person relocating right into an independent living house, helped living, or nursing suite before the move. As well as you may in fact locate that some moving firms are using good deals during this time around.

Make sure you understand any present security standards relating to the state you’ll be transferring to. You ought to also sign in frequently with your brand-new community to ensure there are no changes to learn about. Your elderly living neighborhood must be in touch with you routinely and see to it you’re notified before as well as during your action.

A moving firm, especially one experienced in aiding elders relocate or downsize, may be your best option during this moment. If you intend to enlist close friends or family to help, you’ll require to make sure they comply with security standards as well, which may be harder.

Finding a Moving Company During COVID-19

If you’re going with a moving firm, do some research study as well as find one that’s using a good deal. If they need to do an quote of your residence before preparing a quote, see if this can be arranged virtually instead of letting added individuals right into your residence.

It’s important that you inquire about and comprehend the firm’s Otterbein Senior Lifestyle Choices COVID-19 plans and the actions they’re taking to maintain consumers as well as staff members secure.

Several companies now utilize precautions like screening staff members for COVID-19 signs, asking consumers if they have actually been revealed or are being checked, as well as requiring employees to put on masks and also handwear covers when coming into contact with clients.

Attempt to do whatever that you can virtually, like authorizing paperwork or conference with moving companies before the wedding day. Remember that you also could not be able to have a large crew of helpers with you on moving day to shield both you as well as the workers.

Planning and Packing

Everyone knows getting boxes is a crucial step in preparing a move. Due to the fact that some sources claim the COVID-19 virus can survive cardboard for up to 24 hours, opt for brand-new boxes preferably. If you need to choose secondhand ones, try to allow them being in your garage for a few days before packing.

As you begin to pack, wash your hands frequently as well as think about who’s mosting likely to touch the beyond packages after you. Sanitize high-touch areas, as well as consider attempting to complete packaging at the very least 24 hours prior to the movers show up to provide the infection time to recede outside of boxes.

During moving day, do your best to stay out of the moving companies’ way so you aren’t all congregating in one spot. Use a mask to be mindful of the moving companies.

You may additionally prepare to have a couple of boxes with basics in one area that you’ll move yourself. In this way, you will not have to dig through the various other products as well as touch something that someone else has actually managed as soon as you move in.

Once all the boxes as well as furnishings have been eliminated, completely clean your home, specifically high-touch surface areas. These steps can help make certain the home’s next residents stay safe along with show courtesy.

Moving In

When your valuables arrive at your new house, you could think about having the moving companies put large pieces in place and enabling you to unpack the rest as needed. You might additionally have the items they’re relocating show up initially and sit for a couple of days to reduce threat, recommends Good Housekeeping.

If you ‘d such as the movers to do a lot of the job, see if you can disinfect the beyond plans initially prior to they get opened – that way any kind of viruses outside aren’t obtaining moved to the components.

Once more, try to stay out of the movers’ method. This might be a great time to take a walk around the community and acquaint yourself with the layout while your things are unpacked, or have a quick phone call with the community’s move-in planner with any kind of questions.

When everything remains in location, do a comprehensive cleaning, focusing especially on counter tops, light switches, hand rails, shower room components, as well as doorknobs. Wipe the floor as well as vacuum any rug or upholstery. As well as currently you remain in!

Downsizing and Moving Guide

If you’re making the transfer to Otterbein Senior Lifestyle Choices COVID-19 currently, rest assured that we’re doing whatever feasible to keep you, our various other citizens, and workers safe. We can likewise help with every facet of the moving procedure.

If you’re simply starting with the scaling down procedure, review our guide for information on why you should take into consideration relocating, exactly how to start, as well as when is the most effective time to make the action.


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