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How Can I Improve My Erectile Dysfunction?


The problem of erectile dysfunction has become all too commonplace in modern life. Either medication or healthy dietary and lifestyle changes can help alleviate the symptoms. In addition, some natural remedies can be very effective in this situation.

In most cases, men have at least one episode of ED in which they are unable to ejaculate. Stress or a mental health problem may be to blame. However, this is a perfectly normal occurrence.

Ways to improve erectile dysfunction

To treat and stop erectile dysfunction, the first step is to find out what causes it. To get the best advice, it’s always a good idea to see a doctor first. Aside from that, there are some adjustments that can be made to the routine to make it better.

Lifestyle changes

For both heart health and penile health, switching to a healthy diet is beneficial. According to a study, eating a Mediterranean diet can aid in the treatment and improvement of ED symptoms. Such a diet consists of the following components:

  • lots of vegetables and fruits
  • nuts
  • whole grain
  • olive oil
  • intake of fish in moderate amount
  • reduced intake of dairy products

Besides, avoiding certain food can also improve the health of the penile. such as:

  • high fat saturated food
  • high sodium diet
  • consumption of alcohol


Research shows that regular physical activity improves a person’s sexual response, while being inactive makes ED more likely.

Exercise is said to improve blood flow, which is necessary for penis erection as well as for the rest of the body. Maintaining good penile health necessitates at least 30 minutes of fast-paced walking per day.

Communication with spouse or sexual partner

Sex can be negatively affected by a disturbed emotional and cognitive state, which can have an effect on penile fitness. There is a robust correlation amid emotional and mental health issues and eating disorders, even if the underlying cause of the disorder is not known. Things to think about are a bad sexual experience in the past, not being attracted to the partner, and being nervous about how the performance will go.

Seeking couple therapy

Low self-esteem is a result of erectile dysfunction. Couple therapy and counselling can make the process of determining the root cause of this issue much easier and more effective. People with ED who are worried or sad can get help from a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Limiting your alcohol consumption

Alcohol is said to reduce sexual arousal, making it more difficult for men to get an erection during intimate moments with their partners. ED can also be caused by excessive alcohol consumption, which reduces the body’s ability to respond to sexual stimuli. Penile health may be improved slightly by limiting alcohol consumption.

Attempting something exciting in the bedroom

Foreplaying, creating a scenario, and pretending to be someone else can all help to improve erections. Other ways to improve erections in the bedroom include changing positions while making out, using sex toys like vibrators and penis rings, and engaging in other forms of sexual contact.

Monitoring testosterone level

The erectile function and sexual drive can also be affected by the testosterone level. A person with low testosterone levels may experience the following:

  • low sexual drive
  • erectile dysfunction
  • depression
  • hair fall
  • fatigue

An improved sexual response and erection can be achieved by increasing testosterone levels.

Sustain a vigorous weight

If you’re bulky or overweight, you’re more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can be helped by losing weight.

Vacuum constriction devices

An erection-inducing penis pump works by drawing blood into the penis. There are three main aspects to this, which include:

  • plastic tube (worn around the penis)
  • pump (to create vacuum)
  • elastic ring

Limit smoking

ED is a common problem for chain smokers because smoking restricts blood flow to the penis, preventing the erection from occurring. Erectile dysfunction (ED) may be caused by smoking, which damages blood vessels. Erectile dysfunction can be improved by quitting smoking or limiting its use.

Taking medication

An increasing number of drugs are now available that aid in the improvement of ED, like tadalafil, which aids in the achievement of an erection by improving the flow of blood to the penis.

Anxiety or a medical condition may be the root cause of erectile dysfunction (ED), and these treatments may help.

When to see doctor

In the event that the preceding recommendation is unsuccessful in bringing about the desired results, the individual may be required to seek medical attention. In this advanced era you can Erectile Dysfunction medication like viagra online throughout the UK by visiting Access Doctor Online Pharmacy.

The majority of the time, erectile dysfunction is a symptom of a problem with the heart or diabetes.

If you seek assistance as soon as possible, it may be simpler to avoid the difficulties that are brought on by ED.


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