Breast enlargement – post-surgery dos and don’ts

Many women suffer from low self-esteem and don’t trust themselves and in most cases there is one common reason for this – they don’t like their bodies. They don’t feel comfortable with the shape of their body, especially with the size of their breast. This is the reason why so many women have resorted to surgery and to breast enlargement London services in the past couple of years. However, not all of them know exactly what they should do and what they shouldn’t do after undergoing surgery procedures. Here’s what renowned cosmetic surgeons such as Luciano Perrone recommend.

Do – follow the instructions your surgeon gave you

Before and after every cosmetic surgery procedure, doctors provide people with strict rules they must follow in order to benefit from the best results and from fast recovery period. It is essential that you choose a cosmetic surgeon with vast experience in the field and who is open to you, ready to answer any question you may have. It is crucial that you follow their instructions accordingly both before and after the surgery.

Don’t – do strenuous physical exercises

It is forbidden to undergo any physical exercise for six weeks after the surgery. You shouldn’t go to the gym either during recovery time, because by doing so, there are high chances you cause injury and your incisions may tear, thus dislodging the implants. It is best to rest for a while.

Do – wear that compression garment

If you were provided with a compression garment or recommended to purchase one after undergoing breast enlargement procedure, it is mandatory that you wear it for as long as the doctor recommended you to wear. Many women make the big mistake and think that they have to wear the compression garment for a few days only after the operation, but it is best to be worn for at least two weeks in order to avoid unpleasant situations from occurring.

Don’t – sleep on your breast

Just don’t! You have just had a breast enlargement cosmetic surgery. Sleeping on your breast will only bring up the worst case scenario – it will make the incision to open, thus putting you at high risk. Sleeping on your flat back isn’t a solution either, because this will put pressure on your chest. It is recommended you sleep on the back, but in a semi-reclining position. Use as many pillows as you feel in order to have a comfortable sleep.

Do – take your prescribed medications

Some women feel better after only a few days post-surgery and they stop taking the medications they were prescribed by their doctors. However, this is another big mistake that can put their health at risk. You should take those pills for the entire recovery period and not just during the first days. They were prescribed to you for a reason, after all.

Don’t – smoke, drink or drive for a while

Doctors advise to avoid driving during the first two days after the surgical procedure and to avoid drinking alcohol or smoking during the whole recovery period. The truth is drinking and smoking should be avoided as much as possible.


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